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Vini Manara

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Home made

All of our food is home made. This means that what ever you decide to order, it was made on premises, using the freshest products of the market, using authentic recipes.

Natural ingredients

We only use purely natural ingredients in our cooking. That means no additives, no this, no that.

Authentic recipes

Our family has carried these recipes for generations. We have adapted them so that you can enjoy them at your table accompanied by a nice glass of vino.

Super reds from Verona
Sample the delights of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy

why we do it

We are proud to be Italian in Cyprus and want to share that with you

Cooking great food is in our blood. It is a constant reminder of where we come from. As with pretty much everything great, it is best shared and in this case, shared with you, our customers. What better way to enjoy a dish with your loved ones and friends!

Try these whites from Sicily

Sample the delights of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy

Based on 81 reviews.
Claudia Bade
Claudia Bade
28. October, 2020.
So relaxing atmosphere and lovely prepared salad and pizza. We'll come again . Thanks
Paris Kemanes
Paris Kemanes
17. October, 2020.
Mikhail Kazarin
Mikhail Kazarin
13. October, 2020.
Ilias Brantzos
Ilias Brantzos
4. October, 2020.
Marinos Stasis
Marinos Stasis
29. September, 2020.